C-3 provides autonomous system integrators with resilience and security in wireless information delivery for vital applications.

We support reliable command and control for autonomous systems that operate in challenging dynamic operational environments.

Our solutions support transparent sharing of information across network nodes and the ability to prioritize the delivery of critical information.

Connecting Intelligent Machines & Humans

Our mission is to move critical information in complex and dynamic environments reliably and efficiently, enabling real-time intelligent decision-making in an autonomous world.


We supports clients at the leading edge of autonomous systems.

No matter what industry or application, we know that safety and security are paramount to any autonomous deployment. 

C-3 Solutions Are Used By


Autonomous Systems Designers

Future-Forward Corporations

C-3 Supports Applications For


Supply Chain Logistics


Industry 4.0 Transformation

Latest News

Airbus UAM teams with C-3 for the field trial of Motley gateway

C-3 to expand Motley technical features, such as varying numbers of underlying networks, and dynamic load balancing to ...
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C-3 to Support DARPA in Development of a Secure and High-Assurance Cooperative Robotic Swarm

C-3 Part of the team awarded DARPA Direct-to-Phase II SBIR. Arlington VA, 03-02-2020 Under the “Distributed, Secure, and ...
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Airbus Urban Mobility GmbH Taps C-3 to Prototype Motley Gateway for Real-World Test Flights

Project to leverage multiple commercial cellular networks for reliable drone communication. Arlington, VA,  02-06-2020 Built upon C-3 Comm ...
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UMD ARLIS Recruits C-3 for 5G Security Investigation

Agreement Calls for Implementation of 5G Security Test Facility Arlington, VA, 12-20-2019 University of Maryland, Applied Research Laboratory ...
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C-3 Successfully Demonstrates Reliable and Low Latency Network Capability for Unmanned City Flights

C-3 Demonstrates Motley Gateway Toulouse, France, 06-24-2019 Today, C-3 participated in the final demonstration of Airbus ExO Reliable ...
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C-3 successfully demonstrated reliable and low latency network capability for unmanned city flights

C-3 Demonstrates Motley Gateway Toulouse, France, 06-24-2019 Today, C-3 participated in the final demonstration of Airbus ExO Reliable ...
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Airbus taps C-3 to demonstrate future airborne V2V network capabilities

C-3 to Engineer Vehicle to Vehicle Demonstrator Arlington, VA, 06-11-2018 Following the previous service agreement, Airbus ExO Alpha ...
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Airbus seeks C-3’s expertise for Airborne V2V Networks

Arlington, VA, 02-26-2018 C-3 Comm Systems, LLC. has entered into a service agreement with Airbus ExO Alpha SAS ...
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Office of Naval Research Office (ONR) awarded research grant to COMBAT project

C-3 To Lead System-level Design, PHY Module Implementation on FPGA, RFIC Software Control and Over-the-air testing Arlington, VA, ...
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