C-3  is a boutique technology firm with extensive experience in supporting the U.S. Government’s advanced defense networking and communications technology research and development. C-3’s past and current projects are sponsored by agencies such as DARPA and ONR.

C-3 has an in-depth understanding and is actively engaged in the complete business cycle of defense R&D, starting from initial conceptualization and promotion, through proposal development for open and competitive bidding, to multi-year multi-phase project execution and solution implementation. C-3 collaborates with universities, small businesses, and large defense contractors.

We have worked closely with the Government's R&D teams and are familiar with the Government’s testing and evaluation team through close collaboration with FFRDCs and UARCs.


Autonomous System Designers/Integrators

For clients that design and produce autonomous systems for respective industries, be it defense, supply-chain logistics, transportation, or robotic manufacturing, C-3 works as a trusted partner on matters related to autonomous systems' communications and network subsystems.

C-3 has accumulated years of experience working with our commercial partner in applying and integrating C-3’s information-centric mobile networking solutions into the partner’s airborne autonomous vehicle for human and goods transportation.

Our team works with clients in a variety of ways. First, we offer technology consultation and provide customized development and prototyping services. Second, C-3 delivers communication and networking subsystems as a product to be integrated into clients’ autonomous system platforms. For example, C-3 provides OCRS in two major forms:

(1) a set of ruggedized light-weight radios for plug-and-play use; and

(2) a turnkey solution, combining software and firmware, that can be quickly fit into customers' reconfigurable SDR platforms.

Industries that Deploy Autonomous Systems

For autonomous logistic service operators, unmanned transportation service providers, and autonomous factory owners, C-3 helps identify communications challenges that are unique and/or specific to your applications and business values. We collaborate with your autonomous system vendors to design and implement the best communications and networking solutions to facilitate information exchange among autonomous systems operating in clients’ specific environments.

Contact C-3 for a no-cost evaluation of how our solutions can help your autonomous networks be more secure, efficient, and reliable.