Tactical Edge Network

Just as gunpowder changed how humans fought wars in the past, the advance of artificial intelligence and cloud computing is transforming how we fight wars. The outcomes of future distributed multi-domain military operations will be determined by autonomous systems operating at the tactical edge, with collaboration among manned-unmanned and unmanned-unmanned teaming, in highly dynamic and contested environments.

Rooted in DoD-funded research and development, all lines of C-3’s products aim at enabling unrivaled secure, robust, reliable, and intelligent data and communication services to the tactical edge units.  Whether it is soldiers, swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), unmanned surface vessels (USV), or human-and-machine teams, our goal is security, speed and reliability.

OCRS: Efficient Information Transmission

C-3’s Omnisci® Cooperative Radio System (OCRS) is innately compatible with the broadcast nature of wireless channels, thus delivering highly efficient, high-throughput and robust data transmission services within a team of collaborating assets operating at tactical edge.

SDDS: Maximized Information Availability

C-3’s Omnisci® Swarm Data Distribution System (SDDS) further enhances the team performance by proactively and strategically disseminating mission-critical information among team members, maximizing the data availability before inevitable connectivity disruptions.

Omnisci® C2 Gateway: Command and Control

The command and control link is the vital life line for a warfighting team at the tactical edge. C-3’s Omnisci® C2 Gateway provides ultra reliable and low-latency secured data delivery services between an autonomous edge swarm and its control station.

Omnisci® JIT Intelligent Information Gateway: Information Reach BackI

Robust and on-time information exchange among multiple teams at the tactical edge and between autonomous systems working at the edge and remote data centers at command bases are critical capabilities necessary for any mission success in war fighting. C-3’s Omnisci® JIT Intelligent Information Gateway enables unprecedented intelligence and flexibility in transporting mission-critical information between bases and edges and among edges.


Supply-chain Logistics

Autonomous Delivery & Warehouse

Deploying autonomous systems for supplying-chain logistics is a burgeoning application with enormous market potentials. Autonomous systems can be used to transfer equipment and baggage from point-to-point with minimal human intervention. Autonomous warehousing is already a widespread industry reality. C-3’s products help clients in autonomous supply-chain logistics to realize values by improving operational reliability thus reducing disruptions to operations.


Levering multiple communication channels, C-3’s Omnisci® C2 Gateway provides a highly reliable command and control channel between logistics operation centers and autonomous systems in the field. For aerial and ground autonomous delivery, it ensures that real-time always-on status updates can reach the control station, even if outages occur to one or a subset of commercial communications services.

For autonomous warehouses, the C2 Gateway is a cost effective way to combat the highly dynamic wireless connectivity inside a constantly changing complex indoor space, thus ensuring a reliable control link between control stations and robotics on the floor.

Whether it is outdoor aerial and ground delivery or indoor warehousing, when collaboration between autonomous units is needed, the C-3’s Omnisci® Swarm Data Distribution System facilitates the reliable and always-available information exchange among collaborating autonomous systems, alleviating the connectivity challenges resulted from both system mobility and diverse operating environments, such as urban, suburban, rural areas.


Autonomous Fleet & City Air Bus

Autonomous transportation, including auto-drive cars, buses, and autonomous public urban air transportation, is envisioned to be a key solution to alleviate urban traffic congestion and improve both safety and efficiency. With humans on board, reliability is the top priority of the autonomous transportation industry.

C-3’s Omnisci® C2 Gateway is designed to provide a highly reliable and low latency command and control channel for autonomous vehicles, aerial or terrestrial. Currently, C-3 is working with a major European aerospace giant to transit the technology behind the C2 Gateway into future aerial vehicles for urban public transportation. Levering multiple communication channels, public or private, C-3’s Omnisci® C2 Gateway ensures that real-time always-on status updates can reach the urban transportation control center, even if outages occur to one or a subset of underlying communications services.

When urban streets and airspace are filled with manned and unmanned vehicles, it is critical for nearby vehicles to share environment information for safety and joint navigation. Due to complex surroundings and always in motion, the communication links among these vehicles are unpredictable, often intermittent, disruptive, and lossy. Vehicles that deploy C-3’s Omnisci® Swarm Data Distribution System will be able to address the wireless connectivity challenge with ease. SDDS facilitates proactive information exchange among collaborating vehicles, making information available before they are needed, thus alleviating the connectivity challenges resulting from both mobility and adversary operating environments.


Industry 4.0 Autonomous Manufacture

A distinct characteristic of Industry 4.0 is the integration of connectivity between heterogeneous manufacturing equipment and computation devices for autonomous production, separating it from localized digital manufacturing in Industry 3.0. Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are becoming a key workforce in the transition to Industry 4.0. Typical use cases for AMRs include fetch and carry workers for parts, substitute conveyors, mobile platforms for robotic arms, and accessing hard-to-reach or hazardous areas.

AMRs work by processing a substantial amount of real-time data, often received via wireless channels. Stringent low-latency and high-reliability requirements are two factors that make communications to and from AMR very difficult. The extremely dynamic and highly reflective environment on factory floors may further exacerbate the communication challenges for Industry 4.0 - such as location on the shop floor or obstacle negotiation—which helps path planning. To tell the AMR what to do next, it needs low-latency communication at the edge.

The C-3’s Omnisci® C2 Gateway provides an ideal solution for AMR communications on the factory floor. Taking advantage of low cost commodity wireless networking devices, C3 Gateway promotes and leverages redundancy-based communications infrastructure on the factory floor, in order to provide a highly reliable command and control channel between AMRs and an Industry 4.0 manufacturing control center. The C2 Gateway is a cost effective way to address the extremely challenging wireless connectivity inside a complex manufacturing space. It ensures a reliable and low latency data link between control stations and robotics on the floor.