Information Centric Networking

Omnisci® Network Suite (ICONS)

Information-centric Omnisci® Network Suite (ICONS) is C-3’s flagship software solution for UAV swarms, robotic teams and frontline warfighters. ICONS provides a holistic information-centric networking stack with unique value-added features. It serves as a complete, one-stop, networking solution for swarm-based distributed computing in a highly-dynamic environment with disruptive, intermittent and lossy radio channels.

For intra-swarm networking services, ICONS leverages C-3’s maximum information availability technology to proactively and opportunistically disseminate application data and make them available whenever and wherever applications need them.

Over reach-back links and inter-swarm communications, ICONS deploys C-3’s Just-right Information Gateway to prioritize and maximize successful information delivery.

ICONS offers a rich set of APIs to facilitate new swarm application development and enable its adoption by existing applications.

ICONS is built with C-3’s multi-layer strong information protection to ensure information confidentiality, integrity, availability, as well as distributed access control.

ICONS leverages open source ICN implementations such as Named Data Networks. It can be deployed on almost all Linux-compatible autonomous platforms. ICONS supports all IP radio systems, including C-3’s Omnisci® Cooperative Radio System (OCRS).

A drone equipped with ICONS working over OCRS lifting off ground.

OCRS implemented in USRP E310 and used for drone communications.

Optimized Information Sharing

Omnisci® Cooperative Radio System

C-3’s Omnisci® Cooperative Radio System (OCRS) is designed and optimized to enable efficient, high-throughput, and robust information sharing within a mobile edge network. Examples includes:

  • Swarms of drones
  • Fleets of autonomous vehicles
  • Squad/platoon soldier networks
  • Factory automation networks
  • First responders networks

OCRS improves the experience of obtaining information while operating in highly dynamic, intermittent, disruptive and lossy environments.

OCRS can be implemented in a variety of methods depending upon customer requirements:

  1. Provision of OCRS MAC software with implementation support.
  2. OCRS as a turnkey solution, combining the software and firmware implementation of OCRS MAC and PHY layers, to quickly fit into customers' reconfigurable SDR platforms.
Command and Control

Motley Gateway

Whether you need an assured command and control channel to manage UAVs in the sky, or a system to reliably deliver time-sensitive application data on-time to remote robots, the Motley Gateway is the solution to meet your reliability and low-latency requirements.

The Motley Gateway is a Linux-based networking software system, designed for secure, low-delay, end-to-end critical information delivery. It leverages a unique coding scheme to transport coded network packets simultaneously over multiple communication systems, such as public/private 4G/5G cellular networks, satellite networks, etc.

The Motley Gateway can be easily installed on any Linux-based multi-network interface platforms. It provides both local and remote management interfaces for real-time monitoring and measurements.

The Motley Gateway software includes an airborne/remote unit for each autonomous system, and a server unit for one or multiple application servers or centralized control.

The Motley Gateway is designed and operated by Airbus/UTM. C-3 offers system design services to help clients to develop autonomous platforms with multiple network interfaces and integration with the Motley Gateway. C-3 will help various vertical industries to adopt the Motley Gateway for reliable and low-latency communications to and from their autonomous systems

Contact C-3 to explore how Motley Gateway can meet your critical drone communication requirements, and to define a custom Motley Gateway implementation for your fleet.