C-3 to Engineer Vehicle to Vehicle Demonstrator

Arlington, VA, 06-11-2018

Following the previous service agreement, Airbus ExO Alpha SAS and C-3 Comm Systems have entered a new service agreement in which C-3 will engineer solutions to complete the airborne vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) networking demonstrator and demonstrate the airborne V2V network capabilities for various application scenarios. C-3 will realize and demonstrate an at-scale airborne V2V networking demonstrator using network emulations running over Amazon AWS Cloud.

“C-3 is pleased to build upon our previous service agreement with Airbus ExO Alpha SAS and to develop a V2V demonstrator” said Zhongren Cao, Managing Director of C-3 Comm Systems. “V2V communications will play a vital role in future drone missions, and this partnership will provide new solutions to optimizing those communications.”


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