Project to leverage multiple commercial cellular networks for reliable drone communication.

Arlington, VA,  02-06-2020

Built upon C-3 Comm System’ prior successful collaboration with Airbus on emulation-based study and investigation of Motley gateway for highly reliable drone communications, the Airbus Urban Mobility (AUM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus, taps C-3 to prototype both the airborne platform and ground server of the Motley gateway system for real-world drone flight tests. “Safe and reliable urban drone transport will be an important part of future urban logistics and infrastructure” stated Zhongren Cao, Managing Director of C3. “By leveraging multiple commercial cellular networks for drone communications, C-3’s Motley Gateway provides reliability and resilience for these critical links.”

In this project, C-3 will work with AUM to deploy Motley gateway over multiple commercial cellular networks in Singapore, integrate the C-3 designed Motley airborne unit into Airbus’ experimental drones, and perform real-world flight tests over permitted urban airspace above Singapore. The team will collect measurements to demonstrate the superior reliability of the Motley gateway.

About C-3:

C-3 provides network security and optimization services in a range of applications. C-3 provides autonomous system integrators with resilience and security with wireless information delivery for vital applications. We support reliable command and control for autonomous systems that operate in challenging dynamic operational environments. Our solutions support transparent sharing of information across network nodes and the ability to prioritize the delivery of critical information.

About AUM: 

Airbus Urban Mobility was created in May 2018 to take our exploration into cutting-edge commercial urban air mobility solutions and services to the next level. Airbus Urban Mobility focuses on better connecting people by bringing the safety, convenience and joy of flight to city inhabitants. To do so, it takes a holistic approach to urban air mobility, seamlessly integrating a variety of critical components.