Agreement Calls for Implementation of 5G Security Test Facility

Arlington, VA, 12-20-2019

University of Maryland, Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS) and C-3 Comm Systems LLC (C-3) have entered into a consulting service agreement to investigate 5G security. The project is funded by the 5G and Future Generation Wireless Cross-Functional Team.

C-3 will help ARLIS to review, investigate and identify critical issues related with 5G architecture and securities. “Because of the higher speeds, lower latency and greater inter-device connectivity of 5G, the potential damage from compromised 5G networks could be even higher than on legacy networks” said Zhongren Cao, C-3’s Managing Director. “C-3 is pleased to enter into this agreement with ARLIS to establish facilities to find and mitigate 5G security risks.”

ARLIS will leverage C-3’s extensive experience to design a plan to develop and implement a software-defined radio (SDR) and software-defined network (SDN) based 5G testing facility to experimentally evaluate 5G systems’ security and vulnerabilities.


C-3 provides network security and optimization services in a range of applications. C-3 provides autonomous system integrators with resilience and security with wireless information delivery for vital applications. We support reliable command and control for autonomous systems that operate in challenging dynamic operational environments. Our solutions support transparent sharing of information across network nodes and the ability to prioritize the delivery of critical information.


As one of fourteen Department of Defense University-Affiliated Research Centers (UARCs) and the only UARC with a core mission to support the government’s security and intelligence communities, ARLIS aims to integrate social and behavioral sciences, AI, and computing for new Human Domain applied research and development capabilities.