C-3 Part of the team awarded DARPA Direct-to-Phase II SBIR.

Arlington VA, 03-02-2020

Under the “Distributed, Secure, and Trusted Processing for Heterogeneous Swarms of Autonomous Vehicles” SBIR solicitation, DARPA STO recently awarded a DPII contract to a team, consisting of Greensight (prime), C-3 Comm Systems, USC/ISI, and CSIRO’s Data61, to develop a secure and high-assurance computing and communication platform for cooperative robotic swarms. The platform targets applications in military and commercial robotic swarms, self-driving vehicles and other high reliability systems like spacecraft. “This project will demonstrate C-3’s full-stack capabilities to deliver secure and reliable information-centric networking solutions for robotic swarms in challenging operational environments.” said Zhongren Cao, Managing Director of C-3.

This project will leverage C-3’s information-centric swarm networking system, including the secured COMBAT radio purposefully designed for information-centric swarm networking to the transparent information-centric content sharing across swarm nodes in highly dynamic environments with intermittent and lossy connectivities. 

About C-3:

C-3 provides network security and optimization services in a range of applications. C-3 provides autonomous system integrators with resilience and security with wireless information delivery for vital applications. We support reliable command and control for autonomous systems that operate in challenging dynamic operational environments. Our solutions support transparent sharing of information across network nodes and the ability to prioritize the delivery of critical information. www.c3commsystems.com

About Greensight:

GreenSight is a US developer and manufacturer of cutting edge unmanned aerial vehicles and associated technologies. The company maintains one of the worlds largest fleets of fully automated drones which fly daily over golf courses, farms and other facilities throughout North America, Europe and Japan. GreenSight has developed a unique intelligence platform combining a class leading flight time custom drone, patented camera sensors and machine learning powered image analytics. Over 8000 flights have been conducted at over 250 unique customer locations. GreenSight has conducted successful projects for dozens of large technology and aerospace companies, startups as well as multiple branches of the US DoD.