C-3 is looking for enthusiastic technologists to expand its core technical team in Washington DC. Ideal candidates are those who has deep technical know-how, sophisticated hands-on skills, feel comfortable to work independently, team-oriented, are willing to take responsibility and ownership, enjoy and thrive in a fast-pace and rapidly-changing startup environment. In addition to the opportunity to grow with the company, C-3 will also offer competitive salary and attractive equity options.

Role and Responsibility

  • As a lead developer, you will develop and verify operational software systems for our networking products and prototypes, which are comprised of software modules in multiple layers from the MAC to applications.
  • You will be work with the team to quickly response to technical issues raised by customers or marketing needs.
  • You will take part to present our products and prototypes to existing and potential customers, sponsors, and partners.
  • You will have the opportunity to work with the core team to develop new business opportunities.
  • You will have the opportunity and responsibility to build and manage a software team in the near future.

Technical and Background Requirements

  • In-depth understanding and extensive hands-on experience with Linux-based networking development (3+ years);
  • Familiar with networking in user space and Linux kernel, virtual bridges and VLANs, tunneling, firewalls and network security, etc.
  • Familiar with some Linux networking experimentation tools, such as Wireshark, MGEN, etc.
  • Expertise in and practical experience with TCP/IP-based network protocols, and knowledge about recent development in transport protocols.
  • Very efficient and professional in programming using C/C++, Java, Shell, or Python, etc.
  • Familiar with software build environment configurations in Linux, debugging tools and methodology.
  • Bachelor or above degrees in the fields of computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, or related.
  • US Citizen or permanent residents.

Desired Qualifications (One or more)

  • Substantial experience in implementing wireless networking systems, such as MANET; having addressed and/or understand issues such as the MAC layer implementations, MANET routing, etc.
  • Having development experience or knowledge in information-centric networking such as CCN or NDN, and the concept of application-drive overlay network.
  • Understand rateless coding such as fountain codes.
  • Having development experience with Linux on embedded platforms and cross-compilation.
  • Project experience with virtualization, VM/containers, Kubernetes and/or docker swarm, cloud deployment and commercial clouds.
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience with SDN/OpenFlow/OpenvSwitch and/or network function virtualization (NFV).
  • Research publications in one or more fields including wireless networking, SDN, cloud, virtualization, etc.

To apply, please send resume to: zcao@c3commsystems.com